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Write good vs write more

It is ideal if you're a blogger with great writing ability and have more time to write. However, this wonderful fruit is difficult to do because we do not always have and do what you want. Creator result is not fair to us all. He wants to challenge us and wants us to strive for what they have to achieve success.

When you have been limits on the problem left is to choose which way to best suit their abilities. And in this article, Phamen will discuss with you how to find a best path for himself.

Or write?

Fruit is great if your blog is updated every day and your readers will visit often. However, "Hay wrote," often do not produce articles of high quality. The Post usually requires a thorough research, a deep thinking and a vast experience.

If you play a lot of movies, but only on the role or roles do not stand forever, then you are just lonely lights. The audience will not know who you are and will never remember you.

Blogging is like that. If you write constantly, but your article does not leave in the thought of reading a particularly impressive what you just "over a hundred years alone."


To write or, you usually have to spend much time and effort to invest in their writing. Therefore, written, or often inversely proportional to the number of articles and proportional to quality.

Have you suddenly want to cry watching movies? Surely you remember the Tang Thanh Ha and Luong Manh Hai? Before, no one knows them, but only through a good movie, they were well known home crowd.

But you write less, but if the quality of your posts, then it effectively gives you great. The reader will remember you, remember your own brand. They will link or refer you to many other widely known along.

You choose what to write?

Faced with the fact that we can not do both at the top. Therefore, any strategy, and loyalty to it is a job to do.

You will not know which to choose? Particularly with Phamen, Phamen selected for their strategy of "Write or" not "write".

Through the statistics of Phamen, constantly writing does not bring the reader to Phamen.com. But occasionally write an article or bring back readers and highly effective.

Why? If written many articles, but the quality is not just watched it and the reader will quickly forget. Conversely, write less, but the quality of that article, the reader will link to you, reintroduce your articles widely known to many others. And effectiveness of your ads and SEO the rise. You'll get a higher ranking on search engines, the reader will remember you more. Do you believe this?

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