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13 marketing skills "old" Facebook Fan Page for your help from the peak remains

If you are a business are using Facebook, you necessarily have to be established a fan page (Fan Page *) to own it. Home fans are designed exclusively for businesses and brands who want to connect with familiar customers and potential customers in a wider area.
A fan page allows you to expand to any size you want, send the latest updates to a number of fans (fans) are not restricted, and hold the attention of fans in the family businesses with no real road condition of the fan site operator.
But once you have created pages and fans, how you can increase the number of their fans and take advantage of all features of this fan site here?

Some charms teacher thinks social media marketing skills "old" is extinct like dinosaurs then and would not be of much use for Facebook or another similar format. I do not think so.

Yes, you will need to be careful with barriers of language difficulties and have access to others on personal aspects, but the usual method of marketing can still help you understand an added advantage in social media, especially on Facebook. Anyway, have a good marketing strategy is not limited to use on any one channel intermediaries. It is simply a straightforward communication and clear.
So let's look back to see how you can apply the old marketing tactics proven to make your fan site transformation from dull to attract more fans, create more relevant more work and take advantage of all the advantages from this fan site.

1. Ads for your page:
Forget the phrase "natural flavor radiation Friendship" to go. If you want people to know about your site's fans, you have to tell them instead.
Starting from the smallest, place links to your web page and blog. To link located prominently on the Web, especially in the attractive location as the top or at the top of the left column and right column. Let's add an icon Facebook to draw attention to path.
To improve your ad, use the ads in Facebook, blog postings, banners, and other forms of advertising pages to give your fans put in front of fans.
2. Every invitation to use the most straightforward:
Do not be shy about it. If you want to have fans, send an email to everyone in your list together with invitations like, "We hope you'll join us. Click here to visit our page and become a Fan. " I know some people will think is too forced, but why should ashamed to ask others became his fans right?

3. Brand building Facebook.
Referring to your Facebook pages in the brochure, direct mail, business cards, mail signature, on the advertisement, inserted in the package, wedge into the package, wherever possible.
Fan of your Facebook page is like any other item from you and all you want everyone to know about it. You have to spread information about it to all customer locations exposed to the public and frequently as possible.

4. Share as much information about your business:
Each page has fans including an information card. This is where you provide a link to a website or table summarizes information about your business, your mission, information about products and your services.
But do not limit your self is only filled the most minimal information only, and do not see because you were forced to provide only the available items. Be creative and fill other kinds of news.
For example, in the summary of your company, you can lead a list of links to particular items in his company's website, the registration form is updated news about the company, the site social communication by you, or no matter what you feel like it.

5. Create a landing with a specific purpose:
Why are you letting people visit its Facebook page to touch a wall full of neglect and post questions innocuous comment?
In terms of applications, Facebook provides a special application called Statistics FBML - Facebook Markup Language, allows you to use the cumulative write code to interpret the basic site or any site that you want a great site present in a box or a single card.
Just install this application, embedded into your code, and adjust the parameters so that people are not even fans can also visit the very first page. Can you provide some brief introductory message about your organization and ask people whether they want to become fans or not.
I used this technique to a page that I did not run for commercial purposes, and it has helped turn some people visit this page accept become fans of my page up twice or thrice.

6. Emphasize your web address:
At the top left of each page of fans, you can place an image. Most businesses usually choose their logo. That is all right, but this is the best place to advertise your website address there.
Agree that you have set the website in the category of personal information, but there is no guarantee that people will look at that page at all. But you can be sure that anyone will see the logo.
So please edit to include your logo and include the web address with the word loud and bold to go. Although it is not clicking, but it still is a reminder for people to visit your site there.


7. More content:
The experts have always write directly to know the power of content and constant for years, and this remains true in the online world. The more you give more information and opportunities for exposure, the page of your fans will become more open, enticing and compelling their customers better.
Posted at least one article a day on your page, 2 or 3 times again as well. Should adjust to your fan page for fans posted comments, pictures, links and video.
You can also use the letter writing short - Notes to enter additional information feeds, or use YouTube to post videos, and applications Ballroom - Discussion forum for the creation of small.

8. Post invitations, events and other related things.
You can use FBML statistics to do more than just creating a site representative. You can add a small shopping area, the offerings, coupons and gifts, event or promotional messages, post employment - whatever you need.
See the fans as part of its main site. But be careful, read the manual to avoid the mistake can cause your page is locked. Facebook disabled individual pages without prior warning and no hesitation where.

9. Let's do some campaigns "Direct Marketing"
Unlike page group (group page), you can only connect to a maximum of only 5,000 members, a fan site for you to send messages directly to the fans is unlimited. It's like email, except that it displays the message box of your fans.
You can use this to drive quality visitors to your home, event notifications, or share important information. But do not overdo it. Just as you can not email a customer for 5 times a day, you also need to show that the use of Facebook messages directly.

10. Seducing the registration information via email:
Here we talk about stats again FBML. You will see that it is the most powerful tools that Facebook provides. And if you have an email list, Facebbook will give you one more way to invite more people to subscribe to information. Just put your registration code in the FBML to make us a card or a box on the side, or both.

11. Research your customer base
Vision tools allow you to see a small segment of their fan base, such as how many questions and interactive commentary that you create, the number of fans often operate in different age together, the growth of your fan base, home to the fans, and more.
It is not the one of a research tool, but it gives you a view count on the health of your page. Facebook has announced that they will launch many more functions.

12. Find out about the competition:
You certainly have studied their opponents in all aspects of it, so why not do it on Facebook?
Find out how they promote their sites and attract fans. Find out if they are using these functions, how they come in contact with visitors, the type of content and how often they post, speed their development.
There are many smart business on Facebook, please learn from them.

13. Take advantage of all features:
Facebook always have the tools to share videos, go to import your posts into Facebook, listing events, polling organizations, organizing seminars shaft - hundreds of ways to communicate with each other
If you seriously want to turn your fan site into a gathering place for fans and customers, please take the time to thoroughly research anything can, and get to know anything What might be useful for your business.

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