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The difference between B2C and B2B marketing

When doing marketing for an enterprise customer, you will discover that they have a whole buying process can save time and money. This often explains why when shopping, businesses often focus on logic elements while consumers are often influenced by emotional factors.
Actual, cost of sales to business customers (B2B) is higher than the consumer (B2C). The simplest explanation is that transactions in the B2B market to undergo a needs assessment, find out information, analysis and decision making.

Marketing for business customers
When marketing to business customers, you need to focus on the logic of products by focusing more on functional characteristics. Emotional factors in the decision making process usually does not play an important role. You also need to understand the purchasing department and include those where their role in the process of purchasing the business.

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Group of corporate clients wishing to find out great information. In marketing materials, should include the information that is depth. The most effective marketing messages will dwell analyze product or service you provide can help many customers save time, money and resources.
They pay more attention to the logic behind the product. They will want to hear more about the features and we help them save time, budget and how resources.

Consumer Marketing
When marketing to consumers, you usually focus on the benefits of the product. Their decisions are often influenced by emotions more. Marketing to consumers also differ in that they require the convenience of buying (distribution factor) while the B2B market is not.
Consumers do not like the sloppy term marketing message, they want to go straight to the point. They do not want to spend time to research, learn about the benefits, instead indicating that you have to show them what specific benefits. The most effective marketing strategy will focus on results and benefits of specific products or services you offer.

Consumers often buy based on emotions. They pay more attention to the benefits of the product. They want to know is the products and services will bring to their own personal benefits specifically how.

For example, you sell drugs skin health. This medicine will help moisturize the skin and make all itching or allergic reactions.
If you sell to business customers, they will be interested in featuring a star feature moisture. Meanwhile, if consumers are concerned they will benefit is to reduce the itching and allergies.

If you understand the behavior of each group of customers in the purchase decision, we will have more effective marketing decisions.

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