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Link building - advantages and disadvantages of each method

seo link buildingLink building (link building) is the most important factor in the competitive rankings on Google. There are many ways to build links, each method has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on conditions and your goals, you can choose several methods. Based on experience building your link I made to compare methods of building links for your convenience of choosing suitable methods.

1. Link Exchange


Create links from many different domains (the same number of links google appreciate if the links come from many sources over the domain)

Find many links from other websites on the subject

Low Cost: Due only to search and email exchanges with partner links

Have accumulated: Suppose in a year you get 100 links exchange, after 1 year of 50% can be lost by exchange partners do not want anymore but you still have 50%. So next year if you exchange links you will have 100 to 150 links


Time to build long term links

Not high quality links

Affect outbound link structure

2. Make link forum / blog


Not affect the structure of Outbound links

Create more volume and faster

Have accumulated

In addition to creating quality post links if possible also contribute to brand image for website


Link quality is very low, mainly taking the number of offset quality

Number of forums on the subject with many sites do not

Average cost: take time to find forums, articles, and tracking response

3. Register listing, directory


Greatly affect the structure of Outbound links

Low Cost: Items on a list of 1000 directories, combined with the AutoFill tool directories you can submit within a fortnight 1000

Faster speed to create links

Source links from many different domains

Have accumulated


Very low quality links

These directories are often not as a subject at all

4. Buy link


Not affect the structure of Outbound links

Very high quality links

Easily select the source of links with the same topic

Rapid deployment speed


High Cost

No accumulation: to be successful this year if you buy 100links next year so you have to buy

Google banned at risk: In the official announcement that Google will penalize sites buying and selling links.Mac solution though it is hard to resist the purchase link to buy links but still a bit of potential risk.

5. Write a message, press


Good quality links, so content from reputable sources

Not affect the structure of Outbound links

In addition to creating links also contribute to building brand image

There are cumulative


High cost: Since it takes more time to create a quality article. If you cheat by copying an article from the article page and then use another function instead of Microsoft Word synonyms, only surpassed by some poor quality page article

Slow speed deployment

Source few links from the domain

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