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Interview with Matt Cutts on duplicate content in SEO

matt cuttsStephan Spencer Interview with Matt Cutts in the PubCon conference on duplicate content (Duplicate Content).

During the conference PubCon PubCon conference (a great forum for SEO professionals), Matt Cutts - boss, Google's famous employee, branch anti-spam, spam has agreed to an interview with Stephan Spencer - a online advertising professionals under the author's personal blog.

Around this interview, a lot of interesting information and useful for the SEO world, so I would allow a few key points summarized below:

Matt Cutts on Duplicate Content reply

Stephan Spencer: Hello, I have some questions he wants answered is Matt. First, when an article or an author's information that is transmitted (RSS measurement) or posted by others. Is it better to copy the address pointed to py of the original post on the main page of the writer or each other as well as links pointing to the homepage of the author only?

Matt Cutts: I recommend you link to the address pointer of the original post on the main page of the author. The reason is: Imagine if I wrote an article or, then again decided to sign elsewhere. Of course unlikely that this article be more human and more links pointing to PageRank. And so when the system searches Google or Google to locate and index these pages, will see two py copy of the same article. In most cases, the pointer link above will help people know what is the original article (first published); posts that have higher PageRank.

Therefore, when an article was published back somewhere should have links to the original, although it is difficult to ensure that links the original PageRank ranked higher when compared with all other desktop publishing . This will also facilitate us to identify duplicate content (Duplicate Content) to conclude that "You know what? This is it original, well written, just see it go. "

Personal Reviews

Surprisingly, most of the interview was when Matt Cutts said that the result depends on the PageRank ranking. Many people do not think PageRank played an important role to the world, because there are many pages in the site is located at higher results despite lower PageRank to other pages for that keyword search.

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