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Facebook Status Tips and Tricks

Hide Status Updates from Certain People: Facebook offers allot of custom settings for users now. Visit the top right corner of your Facebook page and click “Account.” From here you can set options for your status updates to only appear in front of certain friends. If you questions or post targets one specific niche, it’s best to only post that update in front of those who can actually relate to it.

Tag People in Your Status Updates: Tagging people is a wonderful feature. Once again, this feature only works best if you are tagging people who are actually related to what you’re posting. If you are tagging complete strangers you could end up lossing your account. To mention someone in a Facebook status update it’s very similar to Twitter. Just type ‘@’ in the status bar and then begin typing their name.

Play with Facebook’s Humor Options: The Facebook network allows you to do some pretty funny things with text in your status updates. You can choose to have your status update displayed in upside down English or even as a Pirate.

A Funny Trick for Your Friends: Here is one final Facebook trick you can try in your status updates. The link “http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363″ appears to be a regular Facebook user profile URL. What it actually does is take anyone who’s logged in to their own profile page. If you go to try this be sure and remove the link preview that Facebook puts up in your status update. This is always a fun trick and works well with your friends.

These little status update tricks will have your friends asking you how to do it. They can also make your updates more appealing and in return, get more reaction from Likes, Comments, Tags, and Shares! Enjoy and share the love with your friends.

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