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Seven Steps to Successful Marketing Blog

How could even start from scratch, but you've created a blog of every marketing summit in less than a year?
BlogNeu I have any easy recipe that I had produced a video ad than sit writing this article.
However, I can still share a few tips from my own experience to help you succeed with your blog marketing.

1. Read
Before you map out a plan for your blog, do your homework thoroughly. You should find and read about the famous marketing blogger (see Mack Collier's Top 25). However, do not ignore those comments, they may have ideas or coughing and a bright prospect.
It is important to listen before jumping into the conversation and that is all that is required when creating a blog. Often the decision to retreat to appear in the "comment" is the most valuable part of a blog was posted.

7 steps marketing

2. Comments (Comment)
I did not do anything except read the blog and check them for a month before I moved through the second stage is to join the conversation by reading my blog comment.
Write something related to stories rather than general statements comment. Why is it important topic for you? How can you use that information? And now when you make comments, that's where the magic began marketing. Most blogs have three boxes for the personal information to help identify the comment. The first is your name. Unless you've been widely known by the nickname or pseudonym, do not use their real names. Monday array of information required is your email address. This section will be visible to other readers but the author knows you're a decent person and not a spam guys trip. O Tuesday to fill in a web address or blog address (if available). When you enter a web address in the box, it will automatically form a hidden link to your site. And when people read your mouse on the name, the name of your blog will appear.
Since you have accidentally created a way to find your reader should be careful with is not good etiquette when using a cell comment in another blog to promote themselves. Do not steal comment, please think for yourself your own comment, and do not spend more than a hidden link.

3. Writing
When you first start blogging, it takes a while for you to find your own style. The best advice I can give you is do not try to become hayJohn MacLellan Drew Mack Collier or Moore or anyone else.
References from those who lead is good but take time to work out your own ideas and then present your way. Also do not write a lengthy essay writing to draw final conclusions because it would always end your conversation.
Learn to apply your comment in the blog and express them in ways that can bring the response.

4. Response
When people see the comments on your blog, please respond to them appropriately in the comment box.
It is a wire link between the sustainable control of the conversation and keep them always exists. So please comment and cumulative always answer every one.
Remember those comments may come back to your blog to see your response, although this will be much easier with new tools for creating RSS feed or email to canhan the comment.
Toby Bloomberg has taught me a lesson on how to respond to the last comment: She sent me a brief email to thank you for your comment and I introduced her. What a pleasant surprise when a whole new bloggers get personal email from a Diva! And so our conversation continues until now.

5. Chat
A blog is not only a place for you to meet with readers and those who lead. Speak in a forum other blog Tiny tools like Twitter or Facebook, for example. More than 900 people follow me on Twitter, which provides many opportunities for interesting conversations and helpful. When I send a message with a link to a blog, I always see the increased hits.
But I do not see Twitter as a marketing channel. Those who only send links without ever interested in other people will not realize the value of Twitter.

6. Connect
Look for ways to expand the conversation into direct encounters with other bloggers. Such as participation in meetings or inviting a blogger to go for coffee. These connections will invigorate you and help you become more famous in the world market on the blog. When you visit the blog is a personal relationship, know where you'll meet an old friend.

7. Repeat
Do not stop at the top of glory. Blogging is a long process and you should recognize it and prepare for it. Writing or editing calendar calendar can be a useful tool to help you continually releasing new posts due course of time. Please tabulate daily schedules to read and comment on other blogs.

8. Screen Award
Preparing for good luck go. You never know what relationship you are in the network will go elsewhere. Such as an informal comment from a friend online Cathleen Rittereiser gave me inspiration to start a project fund for breast cancer patients called the Frozen Pea Fund, causing the attention of the author Craig Colgan who took my picture for the story to be published in the Washington Post and brought it .... Anyway I will let you experiment yourself.

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