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10 trends for the Web 2010

This year, the "paradise of computer addicts" - an annual technology conference of Austin, South by Southwest, the star does not have the flash, but enough to see 10 people trends and ideas Business on the Web 2010.

Location, location, location

Discovery was recognized as the largest carrier between the two games: Gowalla based in Austin and at the Foursquare is headquartered in New York. Both these firms have similarities - the use of "sign" on location in the world through smart phones and was awarded his badge and a discount for frequent hot spots .

10 trends web 2010Foursquare is the game was quite prevalent and has a large user base, but again Gowalla led uprising powerful application designed for iPhone and impressive presence at the conference. So who won? We will call this a draw match results, because many people come to the simultaneous use of both services to locate friends and keep track of other parties.

Foursquare Gowalla and are facing the same challenge before the break fee "urgent" to the community beyond the "addiction" technology on the coast to beyond the ocean, become a tool in life days. That is not the easy path.

These two services must address concerns about privacy (although they only identify your location when you allow them to do so) while struggling to build partnerships with those who say passion and brand to help encourage those who use them a cynical attempt.

The social networking giant also wants you to start sharing information about where you are at: Twitter capital to increase capacity additions to the tweets, and Facebook also plans to use these features analogous to update information promptly before the summer.

Develop platforms (platforms), not the site

Twitter never go a Tweeter.com - site itself has become quite essential, Tweetter founder Evan Williams admitted during SXSW 14 / 3 keynote.
Micro-blogging service firms (microblogging) has advanced another step further with the declaration of @ Anywhere, a platform to help publishers and web designers to develop features Tweetter into their own websites.

The service will launch with 13 beta partners, including the New York Times and YouTube, to Tweet users post messages and find new friends without having to exit the partner website.

Twitter is driven by the success of the Facebook Connect platform, allowing users to login and interact with the site information and use their Facebook data.

But social networking giant Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is not sleeping on the glory has been at an event for developers Facebook, the Facebook platform administrator Gareth Davis identified the company as a "service" rather than a web site.

That means that Facebook may be less emphasized than the importance of being focused on Facebook.com and turn in your Facebook information to become an important part of everything you do on this site.

Social Game

A new area where you'll find Facebook's new platform is in the game console electronics. The developers performed a demo of the game design that Facebook Connect, which allows you to share scores, statistics, and even a reel gaming information for your personalized information to your Facebook , directly through the Xbox 360 or Playstaytion. The latest generation games on the Apple iPhone includes the same types of features, designed to allow you to share what they have achieved with your friends.

Moreover, the games will also become more social. In 2009, the success of games such as Zynga's Farmville (according to some estimates, there are more players than the number who use Twitter) to demonstrate to developers that have a strategic victory in target games less direction than to play the game, but towards those looking for light entertainment to interact with friends.

Farmville seem realistic and just social, you can visit your farm and ask her to help them, but not only that. The next generation of online games like Bejeweled Blitz will allow more direct competition and richer and the game play between users.

Interactive technology reality (AR)

Theoretically, the actual interaction is not something new - if you watch the Olympics or a football in broadcasting, then you are familiar with electronic overlays reinforce the facts. But a challenge for 2010 will be to exploit the presence everywhere of the smart phone or webcam to make real interaction as a useful tool daily.

One of the most typical example is the virtual simulator box (the box set of virtual) from the U.S. Postal Agency, where you get your webcam to allow you to calculate the size box needed to transport a news item by coating the semi-transparent 3D models of the box. The typical abundance for 2010 from the John Mayer music video to the project's upcoming Xbox Natal.

Interaction is real hot trend on the iPhone application. They include tools that let you shoot yourself in the virtual laser applications iPew or find parking places for Car Finder. There are not exaggerated? There may be, but that's just the starting point.

Living in "cloud"

Get ready for your files to start a "life" on the network, rather than just in your computer. One representative at SXSWi, Daniel Ek, chief executive of Spotify, a cave famous music service in Europe, offering millions of songs to meet the needs.

Launched this service in the U.S. has become more complicated because of licensing issues with the record companies and there has been hope that Ek will be announced on launch in the U.S. on the conference. (He did not do so). However, this service and competitive firms in the U.S. as Mog made model of a library of iTunes music downloads download is officially obsolete.

Who needs to burn the CD or buy songs you have almost all the songs available, if you have an Internet connection? The reason this becomes more convincing when applied to the phone-Mog announced that its application will launch in the spring, with a monthly fee of $ 10 a month.

Hope revolution appears similar to the music video. Netflix already offers a library of thousands of online videos, and Major League Baseball allows subscribers to watch any match that demand. Someone reported that, as the ESPN cable network is computed by the data transmission through the Xbox platform as the idea is to keep the TV on that cloud is a top priority.

Owe you a pizza? Click phone and creditors are paid. That is one trend on the Web 2010.

"Back channel" was born

The development of sites like Twitter and Facebook only further promote the idea that events have a first channel (frontchannel) (ie Super Bowl) and the following channels (backchannel) (a kind of direct discussion on network from the fans is watching a program).

Generation of web TV and future software will contain how people can manage and interact with the discussion surrounding an event, filtering out the actual flow of information directly relevant to most relating to the topic discussed.

This channel operates on a smaller scale. The most typical example of the power of the channel after a discussion held by the company SXSW. An interview with Twitter founder of Williams was almost as failures by the main criticism on Twitter.

Those who attended the talk were not being impressed with the questions posed to Williams of the host Umair Haque from Harvard Business Review magazine. Many viewers gave up the program before talks ended.

Later, on his blog, he wrote that the price Haque as the interview, he also held a discussion on Twitter, so he must have more interesting questions for guests.

Payment by phone

Online payment is a billion dollar industry in 2009. If they hope to develop in 2010, then the transaction type should be made more convenient.

One system is the easiest handling applications from Paypal, which allows users to take advantage of the iPhone or iPod to allow transactions between accounts. Owe you a pizza? Click phone and creditors are paid.

One of the original application Venmo ('re in beta individuals) carried one step further. Friends may order payment to a text message or creating a special list of people they trust, then allow people to withdraw money from your account.

Symbols of social

The site has made people more social. But what about the particular icon, why? That's the idea behind Stickybits, a new website launched at SXSW, can add a social layer on the barcode.

Android uses or applications of the company's iPhone, users can scan the bar code, attach a piece of information or video, notes or recordings and receive notifications whenever someone that scan the same icon.

Stickybits also produce unique bar code and only used for one person, for example, when mounted on the postcard, would add some memory on the static icon. The company found that this code is used in all applications from product preview to put on record a copy of your business card.


The noisy debate about Apple's computers continues at SXSWi. Even when there are very few people attended the iPad (first sample was first released in April), there are many discussions about this device to affect how the game, web browser or other form of communication information printed.

With developers are racing to incorporate the first generation of applications at launch, not many concrete examples. Exceptions? Wired has the full video demo on how they planned to issue the iPad, and received enthusiastic response from the crowd attending.

Rich site

A controversial aspect of the iPad is a lack of support Flash, a common part of the Internet, affecting everything from online games to sites like Hulu. Part of the reason Apple thinks that Flash can skip the next generation of source code, HTML 5, which is being used on the Web.

HTML is the language used to write most web pages, and generation of new standard includes tools for developers can put video on my page and build rich applications, online Full of features without requiring users to download and install software such as Flash.

One difficulty with this application? People will not upgrade your web browser. Versions older than Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers are still the most commonly used on the web and can not show HTML content 5.

The developers will not be able to put HTML 5 features on their sites until most users upgrade to new versions of most web browsers, such as Google Chrome or the upcoming Internet Explorer 9.

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