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5 SEO Mistakes of the e-commerce website

1. Insufficient content

Most e-commerce sites tend to focus on content design for product pages that bypass the home page and category pages. Have any content-rich products may be sufficient if the only access to search for your product, but if they look more so, what will? If the category page only lists products that have no content for each category shall be considered as you have missed a huge opportunity.

2. Links (URLs) are not appropriate

5 SEO Mistakes of the e-commerce websiteURLs to meet a certain number of SEO purposes. First, Google will use these keywords in the URLs as a ranking factor. One page contains links www.site.com / blue-widget will be pushed higher up the search for the keyword "blue widget". However, many shopping sites do not have enough attractive path. For example, the page's default URLs www.site.com/index.php?cPath=2_15&RD=LPHomTxt osCommerce is not only a lack of keywords to help Google to identify and improve ranking but it is not enough search results or to attract people to click on. Most of the shopping sites are oriented to optimize the URLs solution at least to raise the efficiency of search, not to say to the perfect level. But the surprise is that a great many webmasters do not pay attention to this important.

3. "Meta description" good

Meta description tag introduced site is not considered a factor in ranking on Google, so it does not do painting for increasing website rankings. In most of the meta description site design automatically based on some basic principles.

However, the meta description is often quoted in the Google search results. And so, an introductory paragraph or will attract visitors click on these Web sites rather than competitors. Introduce quotations or quality would be a good way to help you increase traffic without the need to strive to increase rankings.

4. No Alt Tag

Sudden change many online stores do not simply give the image alt tags on their products. This simply will not only create good habits for customer access (see access error depends on alt tags), but also as a means to promote effective SEO. Google and other major search engines evaluate the text in the alt tag is at least equal to the heading, so this factor certainly worth considering when we do SEO. Usually the alt text will be designed depending on each product image, but in some special cases you can also insert product name automatically into the alt text.

5. The issue of standardization

Standardize the application if the site has many URLs. In the shopping cart has many reasons for this:
Some have the same kind of cart products appear in different categories. Such as: specialized mountain bike can be present in the male bike and mountain bike categories. Although these pages are the same, it can have different URLs.

If a page is an overview of products longer than one page, the button "next page" sometimes leads to a page with similar content but different URLs.

The site has multi-branch structure can create an infinite number of URLs that contain the same nhau.Giai Strategy: Put the pieces of tag is normalized effective way to remove these problems.


The factors above may not increase website traffic is extremely fast, but if so little attention to the factors that will help your website rank gradually improving and there are positive changes extreme, you will soon see an increase in the number of access sites significantly.

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