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May Day - A new algorithm of google in sorting the long keywords

sorting long keywordsSpecialized forum on SEO webmasters recent talk of Google's new algorithm, called Mayday. If the visitor on your website down, maybe this algorithm is the cause.

What's happening

Many webmasters are losing a large amount of traffic from Google for the phrase three or more single words (called keywords long).

Webmaster to have lost 90% of visitors from google because the term is not the top keywords on the SERP, the reduction in rank not only happen with the spammers, but also affect the site 13 years old and has 400,000 PR7 backlink

Is that mean?

It seems this is not a punishment that is google algorithm changes in the arrangement. Google keyword index may have longer and more accurate. There is a new invention on this issue.

Identify a phrase requiring power consuming CPU and memory. A webmaster explained

"For example, suppose that every set of five from a single term keywords, in a normal text from a 200,000 unit, so there will be 3.2 * 10 ^ 26 terms

Obviously that can not have any system that can store or handle this long keyword "

It looks like Google will guess the best pages for keywords based on the signal length of keywords in the page index.

New invention of google google shows now have enough computing power to index the keywords instead of guessing as long ago

You must change your web pages like?

If you notice a drop in its website traffic from google maybe you should change web page. For example, if you want the term "Personal Injury lawyer london" up top on the SERP, then these words should appear in the correct order on the website. If you change the order using the single word "london Personal Injury lawyer," you can not get search results as with the other phrases.

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