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Virus marketing - The spread and effect

Theater works are hung, MH-screen computer, clerical staff of an insurance company in Hanoi together with a slight vibration messages sent from a friend via IM: "Shop X. 70% discount items, shoes and slippers for Christmas. " No hesitation, MH forwarded message all your friends in your friends list (Friendlist) her. Thus only comes with a tool on a free, advertising messages of Shop X. can have access to hundreds, even thousands of people in a very short time.

marketing virus

virusTuong marketing as a way of spreading the virus, this type of marketing (also known as "viral marketing") describes a strategy to encourage certain individuals to spread the content marketing and advertising to those who other, creating a potential exponential spread and impact of a community. Usually it was found, just a satisfied customer will tell at least 3 more people about products they like, and 11 others about products and services they do not like. In terms of origins, early forms of viral marketing is probably the type of marketing is "word of mouth." Recognize the difference between the two concepts will help businesses be more active in the process of applying the current context to be able to reap the expected success.

Virul marketing - What is the difference?
Word of mouth marketing method in itself brings traditional style echo effects. The first sound will be the largest then followed by smaller voices down and disappear. Difference of viral marketing offers great advantages for this type of marketing. Thrust for the most on advertising campaigns to spread the enthusiasm of consumers for products and services. It is similar to a virus constantly "contagious" to other objects through many different channels without any move to relay any marketing. Properties "spread" comes from the need to share information of people or when they perceive their own interests in spreading the message. This was also the driving force, the life form the basis for promoting a health message spread wide, long and continuous.
The term viral marketing was given by Professor Jeffrey F. Rayport at Harvard Business School in December 1996, in an article in Fast Company magazine called The Virus of Marketing. The term was later popularized more by Tim Draper and Steve Jurvetson, founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson in 1997 to describe the services of Windows Live Hotmail email service with advertising for the company through the use application.
One big difference is that viral marketing associated with the Internet. Of course, computer viruses spread through the Internet the most powerful and only through this new media channel, the effectiveness of new advertising messages are not affected by the barriers of time, geographical reality ... the company is equipped with media "viral nature" than other companies. Resonance properties of the promotional content will maximize if companies know how to coordinate advertisements through television, radio and other media with the power of the Internet.

So how to be successful?
Thus the basic difference and it is the bedrock of marketing and viral marketing methods "oral" tradition is the characteristic spread (viral) have been from the enthusiasm, passion plus customers with a combination multiple media which is typically the Internet. To create a viral marketing campaign is really effective is not easy, but you can refer to the "stage" following.
First, create a "motor" spread - The term "free" is probably the most powerful phrases in the dictionary of marketing people. The quickest way to gain enthusiasm of a customer support is free for their products and services that your company provides. In addition, viral marketing people should also pay attention to these needs, the essential character of man as curiosity, the need to share information ... In other words, the message should carry the following characteristics to ensure the "spread": Humor; controversial; Very helpful - Unique and Strange - Specials. For example, not long ago netizens "whispered" shop chain named "Adult Shop" that sells all kinds of condoms. Apparently the shop was very creative when naming their shop. A name of a kind, "Strange - Special" to beat the curiosity of customers, thereby creating energy spread for advertising information.

Second, prepare well, "infrastructure" - The good seed can only bring good harvest when planted on a piece of good land. In viral marketing campaign, you create the engine, or characteristics similar to the contagious virus, spread to a customer to promote their messages. The next step, please ensure a good environment for "virus" continues to be widespread. In other words, the engine should be spread "slippery" through the means and mechanisms as infectious as instant messaging (IM), email, e-cards, website, graphic, software download ... It would be great if just by a simple click, customers can easily share their experiences about products and services to many of your relatives, friends ...
You can also think of the affiliate program to leverage the communications networks of other companies are not direct competitors. For example, agreements to exchange links, banner ads ... and are now very popular. Similar to waves on the water, a viral marketing campaign focused on spillover strength but not too important number of the first fiscal lan. Therefore, the active mass mailing through mailing list (spam) proved unsuitable for this type. Instead you should create conditions for potential customers to access and actively spreading information: a book about health e-book is accompanied by an advertising service medical center, a unique electronic greeting cards maturity that allows customization to send to relatives and friends of the special events (eg Christmas this) ...

Advice for businesses
Because of the huge viral effects and side effects of a viral marketing campaign is very large and sometimes exceed their expectations or estimates of the marketers. For example, your email server may be down only a few hours after you launch a viral marketing campaign extremely effective. You can expect to anger many customers the ability to provide products or services do not meet your large quantity orders arise in a short time. Naturally, you can completely avoid these situations "half laughing, half crying," This early in the process of planning a viral marketing campaign. Parallel with the deployment process, enterprises should implement processes to monitor and analyze campaign effectiveness from which can adjust the internal resources, quality products and services to meet the variable transfer of business because of the effect of bringing the campaign. It would be great if you could amplify the effect, the business scale parallels the spread of the messages spread through viral marketing!

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